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Northeast Horticultural Services is one of the most successful design-build operations operating in Fairfield County, Connecticut. With a particular focus on high-end residential properties, we use only the best materials and practices to deliver exceptional plant health care and aroborist services. We treat our close-knit team of dedicated professionals with honesty, fairness, and respect.

Work for us and we’ll give you more than a job; we’ll give you the opportunity to excel and the support to succeed. We offer competitive pay, paid vacation, holidays, sick time and medical coverage.

Position: Sales Arborist – Plant Health Care and Lawn Care Coordinator


  • Minimum 3-5 years sales experience in commercial/residential sales, with proven record of achieving aggressive sales goals.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Arboriculture, Plant Health Care and Lawn Care
  • Be familiar with and understand ANZI Z133 standards
  • Possess a strong understanding of organic land care and the principles that surround it.
  • Operations experience is a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Forestry, or related field, valid driver’s license with clean driving record
  • Valid CT Arborist License
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly organized and able to meet deadlines
  • Ability to get along well with others
  • Attentive with good listening skills
  • Must be able and willing to attain CTSP (Certified Treecare Safety Professional) certification and NOFA AOLCP (Northeast Organic Farming Association: Accredited Organic Land Care Professional) accreditation
  • Excellent PC skills- Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, routing software
  • Ability to work independently and be self-directed
  • Display strong leadership skills
  • Ability to work late during the growing season and meet with clients on weekends, as necessary
  • Excellent intrapersonal skills, ability to sell and be accountable for mistakes


  • Self-organize and carries out own selling, supervising and paperwork time
  • Sell to prospects and clients using all available sales tools:
    • Cold calls
    • Client referrals
    • Direct mail campaigns
    • Constant Contact
  • Estimates job costs and quotes to prospects and clients for tree work jobs, plant healthcare treatments and lawn programs.
  • Diagnose, recommend and sell treatments to resolve insect, disease, weed, and abiotic plant and turf issues.
  • Negotiates yearly contracts and helps prepare bids for jobs
  • Set out worksheets and job assignment for the following day, communicate jobs effectively with Foremen, and direct operations in the morning.
  • Organize Plant Health Care and Lawn Care tickets and route them daily to ensure proper treatment timing.
  • Train and directly advise/supervise Plant Health Care and Lawn Care technicians.
  • Order and stock all needed products and supplies, especially for Plant Healthcare and Lawn Care.
  • Directly coordinate the Organic Soil Biology Lawn Program
  • Write up original job worksheets with thorough instructions for Tree Crew Foremen
  • Set up job sites and periodically supervise the work being performed, checking crews and completed jobs for client satisfaction
  • Set up and attend appointments with existing and potential clients.
  • Creates lasting relationships with clients and seizes opportunity to add on, sell, and optimize existing client accounts
  • Handles complaints with clients according to company policy
  • Maintain a good correspondence with clients to grow relationships and stay on top of potential problems.
  • Participates actively in other such professional, trade or civic organizations that benefit the industry, the company, the individual and the public
  • Sets up personal sales goals and quotas with immediate supervisor and then prepares to meet these goals and quotas
  • Attends sales meetings and training sessions set up by the company management
  • Keeps own personal sales records necessary in maintaining an organized accounting of dealings with prospects, clients and others
  • Corresponds directly with the rest of the management team, filling out forms and complying with necessary paperwork to close circle of communication.
  • Be an active member of safety committee, preparing and presenting weekly safety meetings with other committee members
  • Assistance in instituting completion of Tree Care Academy to facilitate employee advancement and training

Please email your resume to Stacey and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Position: Landscape Sales and Design


Plan and design landscaped areas for homes, condominium complexes and commercial businesses.  Market and sell services offered by Northeast Horticultural Services to new and existing clients and sales and estimating of calls received in office and through DAS, iSqtf and Bidsync portals


  • Design and prepare site plans, specifications and cost estimates for each project coordinating when appropriate with arrangement of existing plants, trees and structures
  • Create proposals, design layouts and estimates for each project
  • Implement a follow up system for all client proposals
  • Confer and follow up with client(s) on overall program
  • Appropriately set and manage client expectations
  • Compile and analyze data on conditions impacting design including environment, drainage, and location of structures
  • Inspect landscape work to insure compliance with specifications; approve quality of materials and work and advise clients and other personnel of ongoing status of project
  • Schedule all installation of jobs with clients, taking into consideration ancillary situations such as tree removal, grading of property; or other activities that need to be completed before an installation
  • Coordinate with nursery (ies) to secure plant material/trees
  • Coordinate with landscaping foreman on site before, during and after a project to ensure the job is properly completed according to contract specifications.
  • Maintain a detailed and dated status report on each project/job
  • Collect before, in progress and after photographs on each landscape installation or property renewal so they can be submitted to marketing agent each winter for website updating
  • Manage all client interactions professionally including initial contact, follow-up calls, and problem solving situations
  • Utilize knowledge of Northeast’s wide range of capabilities, expertise and reputation in the industry to suggest add on sales whenever possible

Skills and Abilities Required

  • Thinking Creatively – designing and creating idea relationships or products including artistic contributions
  • Fluency of Ideas – the ability to come up with new and different ideas to address client needs
  • Visualization – the ability to imagine how something will look after it is moved around or when it parts are moved or rearranged
  • The ability to use CAD software to create landscape plans, this office uses LandFX software
  • Oral and Written Expression – the ability to communicate information and ideas effectively in writing or in speaking.
  • Information Gathering – The ability to observe, receive, research and obtain relevant information from appropriate sources.
  • Management of financial resources – determining how much money will allocated to a project,  tracking same on an ongoing basis, and making sure projects stay on estimated budget
  • Decision Making – Analyzing information and evaluating results and choosing the best solution to any problem
  • Problem Solving – the ability to identify problems and develop suitable solutions
  • Problem Sensitivity – the ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It may not involve solving the problem only recognizing that it exists
  • Budgeting – Use cost effective practices when estimating pricing on all projects
  • Drafting – Providing detailed instruction, drawings or specifications to tell others about how to install a project accurately and according to plan
  • Researching – Use appropriate multiple sources to  secure  or confirm facts
  • Communicating with people outside organization
  • Communicating with people inside organization
  • Time Management – managing your time and the time of others efficiently
  • Coordination – adjust actions related to others’ actions or unforeseen problems that arise unexpectedly
  • Active Listening – giving full attention to what others are saying, understanding other points of view, asking questions, and interrupting at appropriate times
  • Reading Comprehension – Understanding meanings and purpose in written work related documents
  • Judgment/Decision Making – Consider relative costs and benefits of potential actions and choose most appropriate one
  • Critical Thinking – use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of all potential solutions and conclusions appropriate to problem solving
  • Active Learning – Understand the implications of new knowledge and information as they relate to your design work and Northeast’s business

Knowledge and Experience

  • Design – knowledge of design techniques, software, tools and principles of landscape design
  • Administration/Management – working knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation and coordination of people and resources
  • Technology – ability to work with computers and software appropriate to executing duties and responsibilities outlined in sales and landscape design position
  • Mathematics – knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics and their application in landscape design and installation
  • Geography – knowledge of principles and methods  for describing features of land, water and air masses including the physical characteristics, locations and inter-relationships and distribution of plant, animal and human life

Position: Plant Healthcare Technician


This position serves as a tree and plant health care technician with the primary responsibility of monitoring, evaluation, and providing plant health care needs on clients’ properties.

  • Must have valid driver’s license with clean driving record
  • Ability to obtain and maintain first-aid certification
  • Ability to obtain and maintain pesticide license
  • Work outdoors under varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions
  • Possess professionalism- assuring customer service, respect and satisfaction
  • Must be able to mix, load and apply pesticides and fertilizers
  • Must be able to perform moderately strenuous tasks while wearing a respirator


  • Loads and unloads spray hose, 5-gallon pesticide cans, 50lbs fertilizer bags, etc.; may have to drag up to 300 feet of spray hose
  • Uses spray gun, fertilization equipment, backpack sprayers, hand sprayers and related equipment
  • Keeps work area clean and orderly; may have to cover pools, birdbaths, flower beds, plant or other contaminated objects after spraying
  • Carries, lays out, and stows other materials, tools, and equipment at work site
  • Drives or operates trucks and other equipment as assigned
  • Services trucks and equipment; keeps truck and other assigned equipment in a neat and orderly fashion; reports need for repairs to truck and equipment to supervisor
  • Maintains sprayers, spreaders and tools in a good working order
  • Safeguards employees and public from hazards in and around the work area
  • Helps enforce on-the-job safety practices

Chemical/Application Knowledge:

  • Reads and understands purpose for chemical application
  • Reads labels and understands approved method for handling, storage, loading and mixing chemicals
  • Aware of and utilizes compatible chemical mixtures
  • Keeps up-to-date on latest revisions with EPA or Dept. of Agriculture in local jurisdiction
  • Knows current company policy
  • Knowledgeable of and proficient in technique to apply the following types of chemicals:
  • Pre-emergent/bare ground and planted areas
  • Post-emergent/bare ground and planted areas
  • Insect/disease control
  • Growth regulator
  • Foliar/root injections fertilization
  • Assures that tank labeling is accurate and labeling is changed as chemical mixes are changed
  • Surveys area prior to spraying to determine that:
  • Chemical request meets current job needs
  • Chemical rate requested is within standards for work to be performed
  • Awareness of obstacles, water hazards, job conditions, people in the same area or any other adverse conditions that should be investigated before any chemicals are dispensed
  • Determines boundaries and scope of area to be sprayed and mixes only enough chemicals to complete the assigned job
  • Surveys spray equipment for any leaks, bubbles in spray hose, contaminants on the bed of the truck or any other deficiency that may cause injury to operator, the public or damage to the client’s or neighboring properties
  • Knows how to use and transport materials and chemicals to avoid waste, loss and hazards

Client Relations:

  • Is aware of and follows company guidelines on service management
  • When approached by client or tenant on a project, acts in a cooperative manner to help answer any questions that pertain to the chemical application at that specific location
  • Refers any other client inquiry to job supervisor

Quality Control:

  • Insures cleanliness of chemical vehicles before leaving yard to avoid any unintentional contamination at field site
  • Follows up to insure that the chemical application has met the intended purpose. If application does not meet standard, investigates to identify cause

Documentation of Work:

  • Maintains daily log of work performed, chemical materials used, location and wind conditions, application technique used, total gallons used, disposal of leftover material, originator of request and other comments
  • Maintains timecard daily
  • Completes and turns in all spray work request forms daily

Equipment Maintenance:

  • Starts equipment before leaving the yard to test for problems
  • Changes oil in spray engine weekly
  • Checks oil level after every fueling
  • Washes truck weekly in yard
  • Maintains clean and neat chemical storage area
  • Follows company policy on truck maintenance, daily checks and monthly truck inspection reports
  • Advises supervisor immediately of any mechanical deficiencies
  • Understands cleaning and decontamination of spray equipment and safety gear


  • Checks three times a day all areas of spray vehicle for possible leads or safety violations
  • Knows and follows all applicable company safety rules
  • Reports any incidents to immediate supervisor within 30 minutes of occurrence
  • Keeps supervisor informed daily of any schedule changes that would alter operator’s location by more than one hour
  • Maintains and prominently displays map of nearest medical facility
  • Knows actions to follow to contain a chemical lead or chemical spill
  • Maintains and updates MSDS sheets as required by law (located in office)
  • Does not leave vehicle unattended unless all is secured
  • Does not operate in certain adverse weather conditions
  • Does not load, mix or apply chemicals if public is within 50 feet of work area

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