Northeast Horticultural Services

Northeast Horticultural Services is proud of our commitment in providing customers with professional advice and reliable service in the areas of plant and tree health care, landscape design and organic services. Specializing in the acquisition of unique specimen trees and large tree planting, Northeast Horticultural Services are experts in plant choice and placement to visually enhance your property’s aesthetic appearance and add to your property’s value.

An Educated and Professional Approach

As part of our commitment to the impeccable care of your landscape, we stay abreast of industry trends and standards and new developments. Stacey is a member of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA) and Tree Care Industry of America (TCIA). In addition, Stacey and her staff of technicians are accredited with the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) as Organic Land Care operators.

The company strives to be as organic as possible. We do no harm to the environment during our interactions with the ecosystem. Offering all forms of traditional plant health care and tree services, our experts work with our clients to help them to become more organic.

Stacey Marcell, Licensed Arborist  #S-4454


Stacey Marcell, owner of Northeast Horticultural Services, has a profound passion for the environment and the cultivation of healthy, attractive and sustainable trees and landscapes.  Her dedication to the environment and deep love for nature led her to form Northeast Horticultural Services.  She hopes to educate people to be good stewards of the earth and looks to form lasting relationships with clients so she can watch her landscapes grow to their full potential.

Stacey has been a state of CT licensed arborist for 20 years and is a degreed horticulturalist with a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. In 2014, Stacey received her certification as a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP) with TCIA, enhancing her skills to act as a safety “coach,” working to develop and nurture a culture of safety, thereby reducing injuries in her team’s work environment.  She earned her International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Qualification in 2015.

In her dual role as a scientist and artist, Stacey leverages her deep industry knowledge and dedication to holistic plant and tree care to bring a systemic perspective to the myriad phases of tree care and property maintenance. Utilizing conservation minded planning and in-depth consultation for both residential and commercial clientele, Stacey has spent more than 20 years beautifying properties in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Kate Odell, Licensed Arborist   #S-6396

Kate Odell, Licensed Arborist with Northeast Horticultural ServicesKate Odell, arborist and account manager for Northeast Horticultural Services, has a commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and sustainable tree and shrub care.  Through her extensive knowledge of plant biology, proper pruning practices, and plant pathology, Kate offers a comprehensive suite of skills that can develop, improve, and maintain any landscape or outdoor space.

Kate is a licensed arborist with the state of Connecticut and has a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, with a concentration in ecological design.  She studied ecosystem restoration, landscape design, and forest ecology heavily, and since graduating from the undergraduate program at UVM in 2014, Kate has been working to further expand her expertise and knowledge of the professional tree care industry.

Through her work, Kate aims to help others enjoy their property and the outdoors.  Her commitment to conservation and stewardship stem from her love for nature, and she hopes though horticulture, to pass that passion on to others.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and back packing.

Doug Marshall, Horticulturalist & Landscape Manager

Doug Marshall, Horticulturist and Landscape Manager for Northeast Horticultural Services.  With a degree In Horticulture he has extensive knowledge in the science and art of growing plants, plant conservation, landscape restoration, soil and landscape maintenance as well as design and garden construction.   Doug has also holds an Accreditation from the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) in the fast-growing field of organic land care.   He specializes in eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers while taking an organic approach to maintain your landscape.

With continued admiration for the outdoors, where we spend our daily lives, Doug will provide you with a great looking outdoor space, improve and maintain the long-term health of your landscape while ensuring the wellbeing of others by reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Doing what you like is freedom.

Liking what you do is happiness…

Bryan Mancini, Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Manager

Bryan Mancini has a 23 year background in horticultural, design and landscape maintenance. His extensive knowledge of trees, shrubs, pruning techniques and lawn maintenance help guide customers to achieve their horticultural goals.

Bryan has a B.S. in Horticulture, Landscape Design and Contracting. He studied all aspects of landscape work such as design, exotic pruning techniques, irrigation and lighting, turf and lawn and hardscaping. After doing an internship in Hilton Head, SC, Bryan returned to his hometown of Milford to expand his small business. Bryan joined us in 2019 and took over the maintenance division.

Through his passion for the environment, Bryan has been the Chairman of the City of Milford Tree Commission since 2008 and is also the Treasurer of the non-profit, Milford Trees Inc.

In his spare time, Bryan enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing and is also an avid motorcycle rider.

Our Equipment

We own the right tools, trucks, and equipment to perform our services in a safe, efficient and professional manner. From aerial life trucks with a 75 ft. working height to brush and wood chippers with 30” chipping capabilities, our equipment makes our job look easy.